The United Nations: a Huge Success or a Devastating Failure?

The United Nations: a Huge Success or a Devastating Failure?

The United Nations Organizations or simply the United Nations is an international organization that was created in order to provide a global forum for all nations to come together and discuss issues and global problems, as well as attempt to solve these issues through global cooperation. It was founded in 1945 to replace the League of Nations to stop wars between countries. For almost 65 years now, the United Nations has been somewhat successful in achieving its’ main goal: to prevent future world wars and stop suffering on a mass scale.

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It was designed to deal with inter-state conflict; and since the League of Nations fell after the last world war of the century or even the millennium, a few advantages were added to the UN’s hands. One example is the power to give both economic and military sanctions to any country that does not follow the law. Countries could deploy their armed forces as a part of the peace keeping. That being said, the United Nations has also had its’ share of failures.

In my personal opinion, I think that the UN did a far better job than the League of Nations, although I would still consider them a big flop on a number of reasons: • It failed to achieve its’ purpose – Its’ main purpose was to prevent future world wars and stop suffering on a mass scale. It may have been able to prevent a world war, but to eradicate suffering on a mass scale was never achieved. Examples are: The Somalia conflict, the Rwanda genocide, and The Vietnam and Korean Wars. It failed to promote human rights – Human rights are violated by regimes on a horrific scale, like the genocidal civil wars in Africa and the Balkans; and with China, gross human rights abusers, sit on the UN Security Council, it is no surprise that the UN would fail to protect human rights. • It suffers from a bloated bureaucracy – Since the UN is now a big “organization”, slow decision-making and operational failures did not do any good to world crises such as the genocide in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. Corruption – The United Nations organization “UNESCO” (United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization) has been known and suspected of corruption. It is so bad, that countries like the USA and UK have withdrawn for them. At one point, the US withheld their dues in owes to the organization in protest for the organization’s corruption and money-wasting. • General Assembly vs. Security Council – The Permanent 5 has been given the right to veto any resolutions or decisions made by the General Assembly.

This certain advantage has caused lots of big problems in the United Nations. This has led to a unilateral action by countries such as the USA, which undermines the authority of the UN. Once the General Assembly (every nation) or the Security Council (15 nations are part of it) is ready with a resolution, one veto would make the whole operation crash down to the tubes. A lot of hard work, time and money would have been wasted. Some international progresses did not involve the UN – Since it was founded on 1945, it was not much of a big help to international problems. An example of this is The Cold War. The United Nations had no part in ending this problem. It was because of fear of assured mass destruction that both the US and the Soviet Union decided to have a truce and end the nuclear arms race. To summarize everything, the United Nations had its’ fair share of both successes and failures.

Surely, it is a much better organization than its’ original version (The League of Nations); given the points listed above, I believe that the UN could do a much more better job than what they have been doing for the past decades. It was built with one objective: to be the peacekeeper of the whole world. For some, they believe that the UN has completed their goal, and on the other hand, some do not. It is for them to decide.


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