They Can Do It! You Can Help! a Look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot

They Can Do It! You Can Help! a Look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot

They Can Do It! You can help! A look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot. Home Depot’s Plan Home Depot had several intentions in regarding the use of its organizational talent to gain a competitive advantage in the Do It Yourself Industry. Home depot realizes that the key to a competitive company is the Knowledge and talent of its associates. The first of these is the grouping of organization policies, practices and design. Those are all a part of the talent channels. Home Depot places intense focus on supporting talent.

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The second of these intentions is recognizing the importance of the associates that increases the success of the organization. In addition to creating a great experience for the customers they serve. Furthermore, understanding where and when the changes are needed according to demographics and work force. (Silzer) lastly company’s look at the competencies of it’s leaders for on going success. (Silzer) Recruiting Talent The Home Depot developed several key channels for recruiting talent.

When we talk about Recruiting talent we are talking about an idea that has been into practice by several different organizations for years. There is no better way to attract people to a company than by using traditional sources such as print, media and print boards. (Silzer) Although, many organizations use these methods most management like the results to be successful. The first of these are recruiting firms, and partnerships, and strategic alliances. (Silzer) The second channel that the company developed is on-campus recruiting; and career websites.

These recruiting methods have been creative and innovative for Home depot. It has been proven in different demographic areas that by using partnership methods of hiring Home Depot have been able to identify capabilities that are important to the customer service experiences. In addition to using what is most productive for each talent. Home Depot has been able to establish formal relationships with organizations that have a large following for candidates that meet the talent profile. (Silzer) Talent Pipeline The Home Depot uses several critical programs to keep talent in their pipeline.

The Talent pipeline model for Home Depot begins with Challenge to be put at a higher expectation is to work harder to be successful. The leadership pipeline programs are for developed for those new employees that are placed in leadership roles. (Silzer) Home Depot wants the new leadership to have the abilities to fill the entry level and midlevel leadership positions. (Silzer) This first of these is Internal Audit Leadership Program (LIP) Which is focused on new career entrants. The second program is Store Leadership Program (SLP) is for mid-career professionals that are making a career change. Silzer) The goal of each program can better the performance of all ultimately lead to higher leadership positions. The more leadership training that is completed the more candidates that are ready to optimize the business. Finally, when you have gone through the whole program and your results are successful or not so successful the last elements of the model are regarded as the key success factors of the Home Depot’s pipeline programs. (Silzer) Lessons Learned The Home Depot has learned several lessons regarding talent management.

The first of these is Lessons learned for Home Depot was under the Talent Channels: the more channels the better, The Clear branding is key to acceptance, Partnerships are key differentiation, Success starts when the associate is hired. The second lesson learned is Pipeline Programs Get buy-in on the business need for the program, Do not make the participants too special, Listen and respond to naysayer, Give the programs time to work, and invest in the talent you already have. (Silzer) Conclusion Home Depot fully supports and welcomes its employee’s opinions.

Home Depot shows that Talent Programs can be beneficial to a company’s progress. Home Depot maintains that it is a company for the diverse work force. I believe that Home Depot does have its employee’s well-being in the fore-front, and is fully committed to making its employees feel a part of the Home Depot organization. Home Depot will provide training and development opportunities to each and every employee regardless of background. The Leadership pipeline program is a great tool and Home Depot can help a lot of future employees and management with these programs.

In addition to, Leadership program opportunities Home Depot has a (ILP) Internal Leadership Program and a (SLP) The Store Leadership Program for Leadership that has made the Performances of the company reach a new high. This new innovative technique that has been in practice for years by other companies has just been a great staple for the Home Depot organization. Home Depot has truly proven to be the “innovators” for home improvement and for there employees. References Silzer, R. , & Dowell, B. (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


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