Toy Store Observation

Toy Store Observation

Toy Store Observation •For toddlers they had one aisle, one side for girls and one side for boys. On the girl side, they had many toys that had to do with animals, baby dolls, and stuffed animals. Most items were pastel colors many pinks, purple, light blue, light green. On the boy side the primary colors stood out. Most items were cars, trains, trucks, mostly vehicles. •For older children, aisles were dedicated to just boys and other to just girls. The most dominant color in the girl aisles was pink followed by purple.

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They had all sorts of dolls, of all sizes, many kinds of Barbie’s, princess dress up items, tea party items, fake pets, makeup, hair games, jewelry making kits. One the aisle dedicated for boy they continued to be filled with dark primary colors, especially red followed by blue. They also continued to have cars, trains, airplanes, trucks, control operated vehicles, super heroes, action figures, building kits, swords, and guns. •The coloring books for girls were of princesses, kittens, puppies, and Barbie.

The boys coloring books featured cars, super heroes, and aggressive characters such as sharks, monsters, and dragons. The guitars used for a video game were also different, for the girl they had an acoustic purple guitar and for the boys they had an electric black guitar. •The only neutral section was a third of one side of an aisle next to the coloring books. That section had educational books, for numbers, math, ABC’s, and vocabulary. There were also puzzles that could be neutral, these puzzles had to with nature, such as landscape or animals in their habitat.


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