Vark Analysis

Vark Analysis

VARK learning style is a theory developed by Neil Flaming in 1987. According to VARK theory, every individual has their own learning styles and preferences. VARK theory based upon Visual, Auditory , Reading/ writing and Kinesthetic learning models. Neil Fleming designed VARK as a questionnaire and the users can identify and make a profile of their own preferences of learning. It is a learning style guide and it helps people to identify and reassess their study habits. The questionnaire is easy to read and understand , take less time to complete and the result profile is instant. Summary of my learning style

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After completion of the questionnaire my profile shows Visual-0, Aural-1,Read/write-9, Kinesthetic-6. It shows that read/write style dominate over kinesthetic style. As per VARK scores , my preferred learning style is Read /write. According to this twofold process, reading and writing down the summary of the reading are the characteristic of these learners. Read/write learner likes to use handouts, textbooks and makes list to simplify and categorize the materials. These learners learned by reading and writing and university style courses ,which requires lots of reading, is better for them.

It is vital for educators to incorporate each students learning strategies to their teaching strategies and that will promote and enhance academic progress and student engagement. My proffered learning strategies I can understand and remember better if I read . I likes to read newspaper than watching news on TV. In order to understand and remember things I take notes when I read. The best way to keep track on my schedule is to write it down. My favorite ways of learning are essays and books. I remember better if the information displayed as words, power points, internet and


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