Vision 2030 Jamaica

Vision 2030 Jamaica

Vision 2030 Jamaica Vision 2030 The vision 2030 objectives are to transform Jamaica into an economic powerhouse with a sustainable growth by 2030 thus becoming a middle-income, prosperous country. Vision 2030 Jamaica is our country’s first long-term national developments plan which aims at enabling Jamaica to achieve developed country status by 2030. It is based on a comprehensive vision: “Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business”.

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Vision 2030 Jamaica introduces a new paradigm, which redefines the strategic direction for Jamaica and puts us on a different path – a path that will lead to sustainable prosperity. Vision 2030 Jamaica is built on four strategic goals for our country’s development. One of the long term plans of vision 2030 is economic sector plan, which includes all the areas that relate to economic sector such as macro economy and trade, agriculture, construction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing and tourism.

A stable macro economy vision for Jamaica is to have an economy that provides a high standard of living for the people, a strong and stable economic foundation that provides favorable conditions for sustainable economic growth and development. This considers the level of output, employment, prices, saving, investment and trade of a country as a whole. Under the plan of vision 2030 Jamaica, the development of modern and efficient framing systems are in order, improving agriculture marketing structure and loan programs’ for farmers, protecting prime agricultural lands and promote national food security.

For construction sector, developing an internationally competitive construction industry that supports economic development through the use of the best construction technologies and practices. Mining and Quarrying will regain competitive edge in bauxite and alumina industry under vision 2030, especially by reducing the cost of energy. Also placing adequate port facilities for shipping minerals and ensuring proper restoration of mined out land.

For manufacturing sector the vision 2030 plans to become more competitive by using process to create high value products, employing motivated and productive works. Improve education and training to meet the needs of the industry, ensuring availability of good quality and affordable factory space. Use “Brand Jamaica” creatively in products made in Jamaica. Tourism industry according to vision 2030, it will strengthen to provide a world class and very Jamaican experience.

Their goal is to promote tourism opportunities and investments for business people and communities, develop well-educated, trained and motivated workers, providing excellent customer service to all the visitors, increasing linkages between tourism and other industries such as agriculture and manufacturing. Some of the impacts which will affects these sectors are external, which include high level of debt owed by our government, if the government owe it other countries, it would have less money to spend it on its own country for well being thus causing the country can never fully achieve economic growth.

Another impact is complex and unfair tax system of the country, as in the country not every one pays taxes so “richer stays richer and poor stays poorer”. Poor roads, drains and water supply infrastructure in some areas. The country does not have sufficient a resource to make sure that everyone is paying his or her taxes. High level of employment is another factor, as not everyone is this country can afford to go to school or if they can, they cant afford other expensive. This puts country in jeopardy as the level of poverty increase thus people turning to crime.

Employees in the industries aren’t motivated to do work efficiently causing the productivity to be low and manager tend to have no care attitude towards employees as they don’t genuinely care about the employee but only want to see company making profit. High cost of capital and operating inputs such as energy and security as everything is imported because the country don’t have enough sources to own its own. Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development plan: “The journey will be rough, and at times the task may seem impossible”. But let us believe in Vision 2030 for together we can make vision a reality.


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