Analysis of John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’

Analysis of John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’

Looking for Alaska

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“The merely manner out of the maze of agony is to forgive.” John Green, the writer ofLooking for Alaska,writes a narrative about a group of immature grownups, where we see how love and friendly relationship are particular and how life can disappear in a minute. This book shows how sometimes adults merely make non understand or make non see how large state of affairss are for adolescents. Adults think that adolescents think they are unseeable which somehow it is true adolescents do experience like they are unseeable, but there is a large image in all this. Adolescents will ever hold friends that are ever at that place for them. There will be ever that person that helps them travel on and that is when friendly relationship and unrecorded comes in. Life is a mystifier is a “labyrinth” and everyone has to happen their manner out by themselves before life is gone. The immature grownup fresh represents a combination of genres. It has love affair, enigma, and escapades and this is thanks to how the characters in the narrative live this loony and adventuresome experiences.


Miles Halter is a immature grownup who is fascinated by celebrated last words. Miles leaves his household in Florida to get down get oning school in Alabama. Miles goes to Culver Creek to seek a “Great Perhaps” which are the last words of his favourite poet before he died mentioning to happen the way of success. At Culver Creek, Miles start a really strong friendly relationship with his roomie Chip. Chip introduces Miles to his other two really close friends, Alaska and Takumi. Miles in company of Alaska, Chip and Takumi experience loony escapades. One twenty-four hours Miles, Chip and Alaska got truly intoxicated. Couple yearss subsequently the school receives the intelligence ; Alaska had a auto accident and she died. Now Miles and Chip are set to look into to cognize what truly happened and if Alaska’s decease was knowing in her ain manner to acquire out of the “labyrinth” . At last Miles and Chip ne’er get to cognize what truly happened in that accident but they understood that the lone manner out of the “labyrinth” of life and agony is to forgive themselves which was what Alaska had left them after her decease. Boarding school was over, Chip got ready to go forth for holiday with his female parent and Miles every bit good. Miles went place for holiday but he ne’er forgot the message Alaska tried to do him understand about how to acquire out of the “labyrinth” .

Fictional character analysis:

Alaska is one of the chief characters of the narrative. She becomes a enigma to her friends and to the readers when she dies. Alaska has this bipolar type of personality ; she is amusing, brainsick, and cryptic, and she can sometimes be ill-mannered and average but most of all she is really smart. Alaska has been tormented since her female parent died when she was small, someway Alaska feels guilty for her mothers’ decease. “She had fallen over. She was lying on the floor, keeping her caput and jolt. And I freaked out. I should hold called 911, but I merely started shouting and shouting until she eventually stopped jerking.” Even though Alaska has lived a really tough yesteryear, she is still really happy and energetic ; or maybe that is merely how she wants others to see her. Alaska is the type of individual that can be holding fun one twenty-four hours and the following one she is wholly other individual by being average and rude. “I’m truly non up for replying any inquiries that start with how, when, where, why, or what.” Alaska is truly pretty or possibly is merely Miles doing her expression good. “And now is every bit good a clip as any to state she was beautiful…I could see her eyes-fierce emeralds…And non merely beautiful, but hot, excessively, with her chest straining against her tight armored combat vehicle top, her curving legs singing back and forth beneath the swing.” Throughout the narrative Alaska changes a batch. She evolves from being a confident and strong miss to a really baffled and depressive 1. After retrieving what happened to her female parent, she can non stand the guilt she feels and she becomes a cold individual. Alaska dies in the narrative and that is when the enigma comes since she left everything to be continued. “‘This is so fun’ she whispered, ‘but I’m so sleepy. To be continued? ’” Alaska ever thought of life as a maze of agony and she wanted to cognize what the manner out of it was. She discovers that her lone manner out of the “labyrinth” of agony was to forgive. Alaska had to forgive herself for what happened to her female parent and top acquiring all the guilt of something she did non make.

Analysis and Evaluation:

In this book John Green was seeking to state how he sees the existent universe in a adolescent fiction narrative. John was seeking to present the reader into the “labyrinth of life” and carry us to look for our ain “Great Perhaps” ( aim in life ) . John did a reasonably good occupation garnering us into the labyrinth and doing us believe about what we truly want. He hides the existent significance ; his ideas about what he truly thinks about life in the narrative. He created a narrative that could be easy enjoyed by everyone that reads the book and still has the consequence he wanted. Reading the book was really deserving it. Now I have a different position of life. How I see life now is as a game, a challenge, a mystifier and if I find the manner to win the game, surpass the challenge or work out the mystifier life will hold a wages for me. If I find what I am here for I will be successful. As a reader ofLooking for Alaska,I would wholly urge it to other readers. I might non be an expert of books but of all the books I have read this book wholly goes into my favourite 1s. The book supports many of my beliefs and manner of believing about certain things. One of the things that the book supports me on is about fondness and love. “If you must show fondness, I ever felt, you should make it” . This quotation mark truly got to me because that is the exact same thing I ever says about person who says that loves person else. If person truly loves person else the individual has to demo their fondness to the other individual. Another thing that the book and I have the same idea is about contending for what we truly want. “‘Sometimes you lose a conflict. But mischief ever wins the war.’” This quotation mark caught my attending because this is really a really general manner of thought and many people might believe this manner excessively. But I liked this quotation mark because it reminded me of times when I could non make something and so I remembered what my parents ever told me, similar to the quotation mark, that sometimes in life you will lose some conflicts but if you work plenty you could win the war and be successful.


Looking for Alaskais a truly good book. The book has a reasonably interesting narrative. Even though there were parts in the book that seemed that something was losing it was child of the intent ; go forthing the reader believing about what was the following event. The writer introduced the readers into this new position of life. Just how Miles understood the manner out of the “labyrinth of life” everyone has to happen their ain manner out. Besides besides happening the manner out of the labyrinth people have to happen their intent in life so they no longer populate this life full of emptiness inquiring themselves what they are losing.


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