Arabian Nights: the Story of the Husband and the Parrot

Arabian Nights: the Story of the Husband and the Parrot

Global Projects Service GPS and Be Consult profile 1. Introduction: GPS Holding established in 2006 as Capital Investment Company acquiring shares in large successful companies; in 2008 the company has gone through a complete restructure in ownership and thus the strategy shifted to not only acquiring companies but rather operating profitable businesses. The Company operations spans internationally across several industrial sectors that can be summarized into five main business divisions: Oil & Gas, Engineering, Retail, Real Estate and Project Management and Consultancy.

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Be Consult is considered to be the Business Consultancy partner of GPS Holding and is represented by the later in the Egyptian Market. GPS holding is the sponsor and legal entity representing be Consult in Egypt. * Our mission: GPS is quickly establishing itself throughout various industries, markets, countries and regions. With an astonishing growth rate, GPS’s success lies within our constantly learning culture. Our ambitions are never satisfied with our current status quo and we always strive to achieve what others see as impossible. * Our values:

How we work together is really vital in a diversified company such as ours. We have more than 250 employees in 5 different countries, representing different cultures. We, the people of GPS are guided by the following Values: * Team work. * Integrity. * Customer satisfaction. * Our strength: * Our People: A Second-to-none motivated team of experts and professionals working heartedly together for the overall success of our organization. * Our Resources: An Access to resources be it tangible or non-tangible that enables us to respond faster to market dynamics * Our Investment Capacity:

Financial Resources that allow us to venture in new huge projects; combined with our strive for diversification and growth. * Our Geographical Reach: GPS hold has offices and operations in several cities: Egypt ,Kuwait ,Sweden ,Norway ,Denmark and England while Be consult is operating in Canada, Lebanon,Jordan,Syria,Kuwait,Bahrain,Egypt,oman,Qatar and UAE. 2- Our services: * Oil services: GPS Oil Services, a subsidiary of GPS Holding is regional provider of products and services to the energy sector, either through one of its subsidiaries or through a selected network of international affiliates and partners. Establishing an Industry Benchmark – Drilling Services. – Oilfield Supplies and Equipment. – Oil Trading Activities. – Field Engineering Consultancy. * Real estate services: GPS Real Estate, a subsidiary of GPS Holding is constantly scanning the market for potential projects, opportunities and targetable clients. GPS’s real estate activities are quickly establishing corporation as an important entity in the real estate market on three levels: marketing real estate projects, trading real estate assets and financing real estate projects, Engineering services: GPS Holding can provide comprehensive engineering services that include construction services, telecom services and environmental systems and services. Through our global network, we incorporate the latest technologies in all projects we undertake. – Pre-fabricated Homes and Constructional Works. – Construction and Management of Water Treatment Facilities. – Facility Management Services. – Environmental Systems and Services. * Business Development Services:

GPS made a commitment to incubate and support any value added methodology or technology that can affect positively in the development of the local community. By understanding the needs of each region GPS started to introduce new services that integrate with this goal. GPS is committed to delivering on the company`s vision. Our team of professionals is focused on helping cooperation build their best future through consulting, research and training that add strategic value to our clients. Specific areas of expertise include: * Customer Strategies * Sales Strategies * Marketing Strategies HR Strategies * Research Strategies * Training Strategies * Training * Coaching * Counseling * Business Intelligence Our programs and services are designed to ensure cooperative partners one well equipped for today and ideally positioned for the future. We has redefined training so that our client get what they need and get it with the highest possible ROI ( Return on investment) . our goal is to hook our audience and draw them in, listening and interacting using our proven methodology. We have local and international experts specialized in business development services.

Our consultants and we have executed training programs in several institutions, local institutions such as: * La Farge company * Baleem petroleum company * Alico insurance company * General motors’ company * El Sweedy for cables * American group company Many ministries such as: * Ministry of State for Human Development * Ministry of Man power and immigration * Ministry of Industry and Trade Also our consultant and we have executed researches in different areas related to human resource development with several research institutions.


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