Beside the Fireplace in the Beach-Descriptive Essay

Beside the Fireplace in the Beach-Descriptive Essay

Walking around the beach made me feel more comfortable than ever. As I stroll along, I could feel the soft smooth sand beneath my feet. The sand looked clean like sugar spread out for miles, as it squished between our toes and made my calves ache with every step. The sound of the ocean comforted me, the rhythmic pounding of the waves represses all my worries. I kicked the water and it responded with a swoosh of its waves. That brought back memories, when I used to come here with my friends and used to play around in the water. I couldn’t help but faint a smile.

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I found it some what amusing to see the sand castles that still remained, the ones we built long ago, the lucky few that made it through reckless little boys play. It was dark outside and stars floated in the distance, but the moon seemed so close, I could grab it and take it in my pocket to keep for myself, so close that I could see it’s bright shadow shimmering on the rolling water. Ghost crabs darted past my feet like thieves in the night, going in one hole and out another. One of them climbed to my feet, its legs harmlessly piercing through my skin.

I shook it off and it quickly escaped to the nearest hole it could find. Somehow, I didn’t want to leave this place. It was the beautiful sky that compelled me to this place. That is when I realized that this is the best place to witness beauty of the night. There are usually no lights on the beach to brighten up the atmosphere, and I felt cold. So cold, the hairs on my hand stood straight up. I found some wood, it all felt rough, perfect for a campfire. I remembered those shows where those survival guys rub these wood together, and the friction would cause fire. I tried it ,shriek, shriek, shriek…

The sound of wood rubbing together was not really pleasant, but no fire came out. I tried again, shriek, shriek, shriek and finally, a hot red flame came to life. It burned so bright, it was like the whole beach got illuminated, I had to cover my eyes for a while. I suddenly felt warm and secure. So I sat there beside the fire, running my fingers through the cool, gritty sand, listening to the supple roar of the ocean, and I felt myself being enveloped with the chilly, moist ocean breeze. Thankfully, the fire kept me warm. The hearth burned peacefully, I could hear the fire crackling through the silent night.

It reminded me when I was little, playing with firecrackers we used to hold, which nearly burned my skin. All those memories suddenly came to my head while sitting with the fire. The sky seemed so dark, the stars only lighting it up. It’s amazing how these heavenly bodies are so big yet so small. As I was looking at the fire, out of the corner of my eye a shooting star zipped pass. No matter how bright it actually is, it will seem to illuminate the entire sky. This is a true magnificence, something that will in your heart for the rest of the night. Shooting stars also have the astonishing ability to make you a child again.

No matter how silly it may seem, you will make a wish on this magically divine bullet. It is much more beautiful and peaceful at night, and a good place to just sit and think. This night, while I sat on the beach thinking, I felt like I was lying on my bed trying to fall asleep. I was in my dark room under my cool sheets. The waves were notes of soft music. The breeze was the soft wind of the air vent. And there were the stars and the fire being my little shades of light so I could walk around my room without any trouble. Unfortunately, the hearth was getting dimmer and dimmer, and I started to feel cold again.

This reminded me of my past experiences and troubles. I took one last look at the fire, it was fading slowly, going dimmer as the wind tried to swallow it. After one last breath of the wind, the fire was gone and the night became dark and void like it used to be. I stood up and I was feeling cold again. I couldn’t take it, maybe I’ve gotten used to the heat, I’m not sure. I looked around and I could see my beach house, I ran for it and on the way, I was thinking I could do this again, having time beside the fire, to bring back memories of the old days, so it would remain forever.


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