Black Girls

Black Girls

Yolanda Holyfield C. Hall English 101 R Description PFE IV final 4, Nov, 2011 Motivation: to have my classmates experience a toy that will put a smile on their face. Audience: Classmates The Turtle This past weekend I had a chance to vacation in the Bahamas. T he best part of the hold trip was shopping to find unique gifts for my family. I tried to find gifts that I would not be able to find in the United States. The most unique gift of them all was the turtle I found for my grandson. This turtle was so unique because it is hand carved from a coconut shell.

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The head and tail of the turtle is hand carved from wood. The inside of the coconut has been gutted and cut in half the long way. The hairy outer cover has been shaved and buffed to a smooth inner and outer shell. The shell is cut “U” shaped at both long ends to put in the head and the tail. There are several small holes drilled around the shell and one in the center. The holes are to release air that might get caught under the shell. A string was attached into the center hole that winds down into the belly of the turtle and around a spool.

The spool is attached to both short ends of the turtle’s shell, with a rubber band that rolls the string around the spool. This is the string that is used like a yo-yo to walk the turtle. The only difference is that you don’t tie the string on your finger. Underneath the shell is tape that holds a wire that attaches the head and tail to both end of the shell. The colors on the shell are very bold. It is pink and light blue with a lot of detail painted with black. It also has white dots with yellow wish bone shapes trimmed in black.

The texture of the shell was smooth and hard to the touch. The grooves that were curved into the shell made it easy to be griped. The shell was cold and cuddly like a real turtle. It works like a yo-yo to make the turtle walk. The string must be pulled from the top of the shell. It must be placed on the floor, and as you lower the string the turtle began to walk. It’s a neat walking toy, and a beautiful piece of art. My grandson loves his turtle and treats it like a real pet. He wants me to buy one for every child in his class, if I could afford it I would.


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