Case Application

Case Application

1. Using Exhibit 3-2 and the information from this case, describe the culture at the Ritz-Carlton. Why do you think this type of culture might be important to a luxury hotel? What might be the drawbacks of such a culture?

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I believe customer service it a must for a luxury hotel especially when dealing with clientele one of the reason a hotel can be name or rate as luxury is because of the service that people receive, it always good to be address as sir, or madam it show value to their client and hospitality must be a must, and the way the treat people make it superb from the rest, people love attention and this hotel show it all the way from different level such as by smiling and treat people with respect warm and caring, it t their bible, but the drawback is the way they detail themselves it like a scripted and recitation and a way it good to be motivated but to what extent are one willing to go to make one satisfy I believe these people are playing a role of a robot it an act and the show must go on. 2. What a challenges do you think the company faced in changing the culture?

What is the Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture? The warm welcome I believe people tend to see your inner self if you give them a chance being relax with and interact with their guest fitted better than before because it not about repetition one have a chance to interact with the customer or guest. 3. What kind of person do you think would be happiest and most successful in this culture? How do you think new employees” learn” the culture. A person with a outgoing personality if the love to interact with people this can be fun it will be like piece of cake the way to implement these culture it to let people new hired know do what necessary to make the guest happy 4.

What could other organizations learn from the Ritz-Carlton about the importance of organizational culture? Give them the pickle meaning if you have a much happier employees if you teach employees to put client first your company will be successful I believe the Ritz Carlton know the significant of who the patron is when they arrive this is meaningful what they like and dislike it makes the client feel important and wanted. Another way they use operational by allowing every employees associate to resolve a guest’s problem without administration endorsement. Not only does that help your customer, but it also helps the relationship between managers and employees.


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