Discuss the Pros and Cons of Including Disabled Students in Mainstream Schools

Discuss the Pros and Cons of Including Disabled Students in Mainstream Schools

Discuss the pros and cons of including disabled students in mainstream schools In Hong Kong disabled students have to study in special schools. Some people think that they should have a chance to study in mainstream schools. In this essay, the pros and cons of including disabled students in mainstream schools will be discussed. One advantage of mainstreaming is that the disabled students are given a chance of integrating into mainstream schools. School is like a miniature of society.

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Studying in a mainstream school, disabled students can learn how to communicate with other normal students. Also, they can improve their social skills and achieve academic standard attained by non- disabled students. Although they are disabled students, they can still get the same knowledge as other normal students. It can help them assimilate into society easier in the future. Another advantage of including disabled students is that normal students can learn to be patient when taking care of the disabled students and this promotes harmony in school.

Nowadays, most of the people in society discriminate against the disabled with the disabled study in mainstream schools, a message can be sent to students that they should not discriminate against disabling students. They can learn how to take care of them with patience treat them as normal people and not to discriminate against them. It can promote harmony between the non-disabled and the disabled. It is clear that there are several strong arguments in favour of including disabled students in mainstream schools. However, there are many disadvantages admitting them to mainstream schools.

Firstly, the learning progress of normal students will be slowed down the disabled students may have some behavioral problems that may interfere with the lessons. Teachers have to pay more attention the special-needs students. Hence they may neglect the needs of non-disabled students. Also, some disabled students may not learn fast as normal students, teachers have to spend more time explaining the message in detail to them. Hence, the learning schedule may be disrupted by disabled students. Also, including, disabled students in mainstream schools may cause problems to teachers.

It is more difficult for teachers to prepare learning materials which are suitable for disabled students. Also, teachers have to attend some training courses so as to care the needs of disabled students revise the curriculum and teaching schedule to suit their needs. Besides, they have to change to their teaching method. As a result, teachers will have a heavier workload. To conclude, although there are several disadvantages to concluding disabled-students in mainstream schools, I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the most important of which is promoting harmony in school.


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