Competency Goal 3 Area 8

Competency Goal 3 Area 8

Functional Area 8: Self Provide physical and emotional security for each child and helps each to know, accept, and take pride in himself or herself and to develop a sense of independence. I provide a positive relationship with the child through daily routines and interactions allowing growth in in their development of self and others. Each morning I ensure that I greet each child and parent when they arrive. In greeting the child I will always address the child by his/her name and encourage the other children to say good morning.

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I feel this gives the child and parent a sense of trust and security for a safe and secure environment and this acknowledgment makes the child feel special and welcome in the class. In the mornings I also have open centers where the children can go around and greet the other student and to move and work at their own pace. I also find some way to praise the class and each child daily. I provide opportunities for the children to always feel successful and proud of themselves.

All children have different rates of development and different personalities. Knowing this can help us be patient. I show children that I really care about them by accepting each child as an individual. I help children with developing social skills, Self- control, problem-solving skills, and the ability to act independently. Young infants need our interaction in order to feel secure and have a sense of self- confidence. Feeling safe in their environment and with you is very important.

I make sure to constantly be there for the infant when the child needs me for feeding, diapering, play time and soothe the child when upset. Playing with the child allows the infant to grow in all aspects of self-development and other developmental skills. Young infants need the one on one and to be treated as an individual as well. Each infant has their own way of showing their needs. Knowing their different expressions and cries helps me to understand what the child needs. Mobile infants need a safe, secure and welcoming environment to explore and learn in. roviding opportunities for them to develop emotionally and in all areas of development. Separation from parents is hard on any child at times and the best thing to do is to be cheerful, comforting and talk to the child in a warm loving voice, Encouraging them to a new toy or to join at play with other children. Toddlers are always exploring new ways of communication and learning new things about themselves and others. Independence is encouraged in many daily routines; at meal times, bathroom, play and all areas of development.

I also encourage them to express how they feel and help them to understand what they are feeling. Whether it is confidence, doubt, love, sadness, fear, joy, all emotions. Circle time is a great time to teach the children about their body ports, like singing “head, shoulders, knees and toes” as well as understanding the difference between boy and girl. I also let the children learn through cause and effect and trying things more than one time to be successful and learn new skills.


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