Demonstration Speech

Demonstration Speech

Demonstration Speech Latex gloves are among the most commonly used items by criminal investigators upon arriving at the scene. It serves various purposes: it helps preserve the original condition of the crime scene, prevent investigators from leaving their own imprint to the scene, and protect them from chemical or biological hazards involved when working at a scene of a crime. Their main objective is to prevent their skin from having contact with any of the physical evidence.

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Wearing of gloves on the crime scene is mandatory so knowing how to take them off properly without contaminating anything or getting anything on yourself is very important. Gloves help preserve the original condition of the crime scene. When working with the evidence at a crime scene, you want everything to be the natural condition it was at when you arrived there which means that you do not want any of the evidence to be contaminated. If a piece of evidence is contaminated then it is inadmissible in court. Therefore, you must be very careful to prevent from doing this. Gloves prevent investigators from leaving their own imprint to the scene.

The worst thing you could do at a crime scene is leave your own fingerprints on either evidence or somewhere at the investigation scene possibly setting yourself out as a possible suspect. Maybe even on a glove. For example, if you had gloves on and there is evidence that you touch that had blood that investigators could get DNA testing off of and you touch the blood taking the glove off, not only would you contaminate the evidence, your fingerprint would be on it and would leave your name as one of the fingerprints they found at the crime scene making it look like you were part of the crime.

Gloves protect investigators from chemical or biological hazards involved when working at a scene of a crime. When handling chemicals or biological evidence, it is very dangerous to get these things into any kind of contact with skin. Some of these dangerous liquids eat through your skin causing damage to skin tissue, which could lead to skin cancer. Others can cause irritating itching and burning resulting in a rash. Working a crime scene investigation can be very dangerous depending on what you are dealing with.

Gloves need to be worn at all time at a crime scene not only to protect evidence but also to protect yourself. For example, if you are dealing with blood and have an open cut and blood from someone that had a disease touches that opening, you can get that infection or disease also. It could be something simple to get rid of or it could be something lifelong controlled by taking pills every single day to control such as AIDS or HIV. It could be more serious such as something life threatening that could cause death.

With gloves being such a huge part of crime scene protection, it is important to know how to take gloves off properly without getting any kind of evidence on yourself or getting any part of yourself such as hair or fingerprints on the evidence. Works Cited Importance of Examination Gloves Through Crime Location Investigation. (2011, January 19). Retrieved from Online Directory: http://nzpcs. info/importance-of-examination-gloves-through-crime-location-investigation/


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