Ichabod Crane Short Anlysis

Ichabod Crane Short Anlysis

Oh Ichabod the superstitious School master who was also sly as a fox. When Ichabod arrived in the town of sleepy hollow he was known as the most intelligent and educated man there, because he was so smart he use his sly ways to fill his selfish needs. Ichabod main weakens was his way superstitious nature. to bad for him he believe every ghost story he heard. Ichabod crane wheeled his ways in the towns people’s life’s, but unfortunately mat his match one night on the sleepy hollow road.

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The well-educated schoolmaster, Ichabod crane, enjoyed impressing people with his vast vocabulary; Mrs. Von streusels complimented him by informing him that “any girl would be lucky to marry an educated man like you Mr. Crane. ”(123) she was quite impress with Ichabod form the start. Ichabod knew Broom bones was in love with Katrina van streusel and still took her away from him, and just for money. He’s selfishness was always in action.

He didn’t even make an exception with his students, and pretended to like them to make there great cooking mother like him. A Brom bone was right when he said that although he doesn’t like children he pretends to be great friend s with his students whenever it is convenient. ” he knew why kind of person Ichabod was form the start. The hollowed trees of the sleepy hollow road were sometimes the audience for Ichabod’s songs at night. Ichabod was afraid to go out at night because he was scared of the ghost the town’s folks told him.

Ichabod was a “superstitious school master who fears that witches might be using his schoolhouse for their meeting place. ” Too bad Ichabod crane met his match that dreadfully night on the sleepy hollow road, but he had it well deserved for messing with town’s folks lives. Ichabod was more intelligent than all the mans combined in sleepy hollow. He might have been smart but he was as selfish as the word itself. Ichabod wasn’t just selfish he was also extremely superstitious.


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