Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

How to Make a Sand Castle The beach is the place to be during a 108° sizzling summer day for just about anybody. Whether it’s on Palm Beach, Florida or Galveston the beach is always a drive away and is a place for relaxation, exploration, and fun. The only equipment required for this adventure is a small plastic but durable shovel, and a fairly large bucket. Oh and don’t forget the grainy, tan colored, moist sand! The first thing you want to make sure is that you start your building a safe distance away from the shore and the sneaky waves that could come and wash away your stunning sandcastle that you’ve put so much precious time in building.

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Start digging profusely until you have enough grainy sand to make a fairly large pile of it. Fill your cylinder shaped bucket with the dense and moist sand and level off the top of it. Turn it upside down and get the sand out without ruining the perfect shape it took from your cylinder shaped bucket. This will be the tower to your perfect sand castle. After you’ve perfected those steps repeat them again and put your second tower directly across from your first. Now build a wall of sand approximately 6 in. high connecting the two tall and sandy towers together.

Fill your bucket another two times to make two towers and place those towers to form a square. After you’ve done that make more thick walls for your elegant castle as it will make it look more secure and protected. Now that your castle is looking more like a castle you can carve out a sand trench surrounding the four neatly placed towers, your plastic shovel will come in handy to dig the trench. Dig and dig until you eventually reach about a half inch deep into the dry sand or until you think your deep enough.

You can use all the sand you dug from the trench to build more towers and place them inside your fortress if you want. Once you have dug your trench deep enough and you’ve perfected making your tall, hard and sandy towers you can use your shiny firm plastic shovel to carve out your windows in the towers and shape them up to make sure your castle is looking at its best. When your carving out your windows into the towers you want to make sure that your not destroying your sand towers more than your making them look like guard towers.

You can use the end of your shovel to carefully and precisely cut out a window into your towers. After you’ve made the windows you can shape your towers and walls up by taking away extra sand or leveling out the height of all your walls and towers so that they are all the same. You can now sit back, relax and admire your castle that you just built without worrying about the high tide coming in and washing away your prized sand castle.


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