Drum Major

Drum Major

Name: Terrence Patrick Drum major/Section leader Grade: 11th grade (for 11-12 school year) Future Position: The reason I, Terrence Patrick, want to be a leader is because I feel that leading is what I was meant to do. Ever since my sixth grade year I have wanted to be a leader in any organization I could be in. At Meadowbrook Middle School I was the trombone section leader for two years which were my seventh and eighth grade years. I felt that with myself in charge of the section I would do everything in my power to better it and make it successful.

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I also was the president of the “Safe Ambassadors” program where I had to control and lead the group of individuals to mentor younger students. These things have encouraged me to audition for the Edgewater high school drum major/section leader position where I could lead the band to a better future along with my fellow leadership officers. I believe that I can accomplish any obstacle that stands in my way and I’m not going to let anything stop me. There have been numerous times this year and last year where I have been the leader and I have stepped up for “The Band” and “My Section” because of the love I have for it.

For example: All the trombone “fanfares” and movements have been my ideas and I have collaborated my ideas with the other members of my section which have led to success during the football games. Another example is when the band was entered into the martin Luther king parade (2010) and Mr. Green needed people to stay after and develop a dance routine for the band with alumni and others. I was one of the volunteers to stay and help out which was a great idea because I was able to bond with the alumni and other older college students to get their advice and opinions for not only the dance routine but for my life.

Another example is when the band was invited to perform for the faith world fundraiser (2010) and Mr. Green needed a student to be a “Fill-in” drum major for that day. I stayed after to volunteer and I was chosen and after that day I worked my butt off to help Corrine and assist her with the dancing for the performance which was a success for us and the band. Last year was my first year of high school and I tried out for the highest position possible which is Drum Major/section leader which tells you a lot.

I was able to take a lot out of the training I went through to audition for the Drum Major/section leader position that year. Conducting, Reading scores, Calling commands, etc. I not only watched throughout my freshman year but I attempted my freshman year and was almost successful. This year I’m auditioning again because I don’t give up and I believe that with the knowledge I have obtained about being a drum major/section leader will definitely shine if I am selected. This year for me has been a learning experience from band camp until now.

I continued to watch the drum major’s and analyze what they did Right and wrong and learned from their mistakes. I’ve known Mr. Green for about 5-6 years now and nobody knows how much I’ve grown from my middle school days than Name: Terrence Patrick Drum major/Section leader Grade: 11th grade (for 11-12 school year) Future Position: him. I know how to operate things just as he would if not better because I have the experience of being with a wonderful director for those numerous years.

Those past years have aided me in my knowledge for being drum major/section leader for the Edgewater high school band program which I can hopefully use for the 11-12 school year. There’s only one word that can describe myself and my unique style and that word is “VERSATILE” I’m able to switch up and change whether it’s referring to direction, or marching style, or even leadership style. Any task you throw at me will be accomplished to the best of my ability.


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