Guinness Questionnaire

Guinness Questionnaire

Gender Female23 Male 17 Age 18-2911 30-3911 40-497 50-597 60+4 Place of Residence Local0 Europe22 (Luxemburg, Spain, Germany (6x), Norway (3x), England (4x)) Overseas18 (Brasil, India, USA (10x), Hongkong, Australia, Canada) (Franzi’s Laender sind nicht dabei) Occupation Student8 Manual Worker4 Manager or self-employed7 Office/ Professional Worker11 Unemployed1 Retired5 At home Other4 How long do you stay in Dublin 1-2 nights10 3-6 nights20 longer10 local Who did you visit the storehouse with? Alone2 partner17 friends13 family2 tour group5 other1 work How did you find out about the storehouse Internet13

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Travel Guide3 Tourist Office4 Newspaper/Magazine Recommendation16 Other: Map(1x), TV (1x), Bustour (2x) How many times have you visited the storehouse? First time40 second time other How did you like it on a scale from 1 to 6? (1)21(2)18(3)1(4)(5)(6) Please evaluate the staff in general on a scale from 1 to 6! (1)24(2)16(3)(4)(5)(6) Reasons: – very friendly and helpful – helpful with creating the own pint thing – friendly staff in restaurants Do you think the entry fee is adequate? Yes33 but only because of free beer and for students with discount No7 if not what price? 10 Euro(6x), 8 Euro (1x) How improve? More free Guinness * More guided tours * Reduced prices in the gift shop * More structured interior design, it was confusing * Too many restaurants * Can’t buy beer in gravity bar * Tell whole Guinness story at the beginning * More cash registers in the store * More screens because it was so crowded * Price for food is too expensive * Audio guide quality is not good Other attractions visited or in planning? National Museum 4 Howth 1 Temple Bar7 Docklands 1 Dublin Zoo 6 St. Patrick Cathedral3 Jameson Destillery4 Trinity College3 Kilmainham Gaol3 Connemara1 Castle2 Cliffs of Moher2 Grafton Street1 Nothing else 2


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