Looking At Comic Books English Literature Essay

Looking At Comic Books English Literature Essay

Amusing books are something that is befriended by every kid at a really immature age. Gradually these amusing books become an built-in portion their lives. While turning, every kid has one or the other amusing book as a friend and a intimate. For a kid, a amusing book is a beginning of amusement, a comrade which keeps them occupied for hours, a interruption from surveies and an flight from the existent to a fantastic fanciful being. Comic books are about happy terminations and phantasy narratives where good ever wins over the immorality. A amusing book is a ground for a kid to believe that ‘happily of all time after ‘ exists. It a ground for them to wait thirstily by the door for the reaching of the latest edition of their favourite amusing book, a ground to pass the following twenty-four hours and a half set over the book, reading and rhenium reading every inch of it, a ground to delightedly discourse the narratives with friends in school, the really following twenty-four hours, and a ground to get down composing narratives for the huge pleasance that is found when it gets published.

So, what is it about amusing books that attract non merely the kids but besides grownups? How are the characters shaped, that they reach out to the imaginativeness of all people? How is the civilization and tradition incorporated in these narratives that really subtly convey encoded messages? This thesis answers these above inquiries and explains the significance of amusing books in a kid ‘s life.

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Significance of taking Tinkle Digests:

The narratives and the sections that are seen in Tinkle digests are both entertaining every bit good as educative. It gives a ‘fun ‘ dimension to things that are considered deadening and serious in the category text books. The narrations are shaped in such a manner that it sparks the imaginativeness and involvement in the kid ‘s head. Reading Tinkle makes one expression back at the glorious heritage of the state and at the same clip, look forward towards all the modernisations and transmutations. Another significance of Tinkle is that it creates a platform for immature originative heads as it allows them to direct in narratives and personal experiences. It is a amusing that contributes to the kids every bit good as takes in parts from them.


This one twelvemonth ‘s worth ( 12 Tings ) are from the twelvemonth 1996, all reprinted in 2012 is chosen for this research. The sample contains Tinkle Digest Comic ‘s from Digest figure 50 to 61. All these 12 Ting Digests are of the clip when Anant Pai was the editor the magazine. This was a random pick based on the handiness of the oldest Ting Digests. The issues of the twelvemonth 1996 were of the 2nd issue and readily available on the India Book House web site.


To analyze word pictures of civilization ( Indian ) and cultural narration in the cartoon strips.

To analyze repeating characters in Tinkle.


This research is a qualitative research affecting the analysis of narrative, characters and civilization in the amusing book magazine, Tinkle Digest. About 10 repeating narratives and their characters will be chosen for analysis. Word picture of the civilization will be studied with the aid of Semiotics.

Qualitative Analysis:

A research is when a research worker poses inquiries about a peculiar theory and obtains replies in the terminal through different methods of analysis. One such method of analysing any text is qualitative analysis. Harmonizing the book, Analysis in Qualitative Research by Hennie R Boeije, “ a qualitative research can be a cardinal 1 every bit good as an applied 1. ” A qualitative research analysis involves analysis of the text through certain cardinal constructs that gives a ‘theoretical position and looks at the societal happening that needs attending ‘ ( Boeije, 2010 ) .

Two methods:

Narrative Analysis

Fictional character Analysis

Narrative Analysis

A narrative is the most cardinal portion of a narrative, be it a fictional one or a historical one. It is an built-in portion of a narrative. These narrations, when exhaustively analyzed, uncover the “ cardinal cultural particular options about world and world ” states the book, ‘Handbook of Narrative Analysis ‘ ( Vervaeck & A ; Herman, 2001 ) . A narrative is a really powerful tool because it can pull strings its readers to believe in certain ways. And this use is done through encoding elusive messages in the narrative which giudes the believing procedure of the reader, unconcsiously. Narrative is non something that is specified to one perticular Fieldss. It can be seen in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives of people. The best manner to understand a state of affairs is by puting it in a narrative manner. Merely when people recite the narration does it organize to be a narrative. Narrative analysis is the survey of such narratives. The storyteller or the writer who writes the narrative, creates a universe of immagination that takes the reader through a journey and reminds them taht there is something to larn in every narrative, most frequently a moral lesson ( Riessman, 1993 ) . The chief ground for taking narrative analysis in this thesis is to understand the narratives and analyze their readings and what they represent.

When compared to Amar Chitra Katha, there is really small similarity with Tinkles. Amar Chitra Katha ( ACK ) was chiefly created to distribute the consciousness of Indian history and civilization to the younger coevals. Tinkle cartoon strips contain more of amusement with all due regard to moralss and ethical motives. While ACK is approximately fabulous and historical narratives, Tinkle contains narratives of the current society and its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives with a touch of fiction excessively. All the unfavorable judgments that ACK encountered was overcome to an extent in Tinkle cartoon strips.

Recuring narratives in Tinkle

Some of the regular repeating narratives of Tinkle are:

Shikari Shambu: Shikari Shambu is a character who, in the eyes of the universe is a courageous huntsman but in world is rather the antonym. He goofs up every occupation but emerges out a hero, because of sheer fortune.

Kapish: A Kapish is a monkey who lives in the jungle of Kadu and has a charming tail that extends and psychiatrists at his will. He uses his powers to salvage his jungle and his friends.

Tantri the Mantri: Tantri is a Mantri ( curate ) who is ever seeking to subvert and kill the King, Raja Hooja with his oblique and deathly programs which ever backfires and makes him the unintended victim.

Pyarelal: Pyarelal is a kindhearted husbandman who leads a happy and content life in a small town with his married woman Lajo.

Janoo and Wooly Woo: Janoo is a good enchantress who lives in the wood of Jadu with her diffident firedrake Wooly Woo and both of them have tonss of escapades together.

Kalia the Crow: A Kalia is an intelligent crow who with his speedy marbless saves his coney friends from assorted problems.

Supandi: Suppandi is by far the best and most popular character in the amusing Tinkle. He is a simpleton who serves under different Masterss in different narratives.

Ramu and Shamu: Two small indistinguishable twins, Ramu and Shamu live with their parents in the metropolis. They have a everyday and simple childhood with a small escapade and a small merriment.

Chaman Charlie: Chaman Charlie is an old adult male who resembles Charlie Chaplin in an Indian context who gets into problem but that ends up assisting people.

Anu Club: Anu nine is a scientific discipline nine mentored by uncle Anu who gives scientific discipline lessons in easy ways to childs.

Fictional character Analysis.

Analysis of a character is to analyze the intricate constructions of a character and figure out the ground of its creative activity every bit good as its part to the reader ‘s mind. When a character is explained in a book or a novel, the reader ‘s head imagines a ocular word picture of the character based on the characteristics explained and the behavioural forms. Character analysis will supply an reading of the formation and behaviour of the characters. By analyzing these characters the basic model under which the character is designed can be evaluated. Fictional characters are one of the best ways to set through societal messages or any sorts of messages really subtly. Since the major mark audience of cartoon strips comprises of kids, these elusive messages and political orientations embed themselves really strongly in their immature heads. This thesis will pick around 10 characters from the narratives mentioned above and analyse them exhaustively.


Every state has its ain civilization and imposts. India being a multi-lingual and multi-cultural state has copiousness of chance to picture its assorted cultural facets in its books and literatures. In the Tinkle cartoon strips, many such civilizations are depicted with the usage of different narrations and characters. By utilizing the analysis of narrative and characters in the Tinkle Digest cartoon strips, portraiture of civilization and the current society every bit good its effects on the readers can be observed.

Tools for Analysis:

Many semiotic tools will be used in this thesis as a method for analysis. Pulling on the connexion of Connotation, Denotation, icon, index and symbols the analysis of the narratives in the cartoon strips will be exhaustively studied.

Semiotic Analysis:

Semioticss is a intending devising procedure through marks. ‘It is known as a survey of marks or scientific discipline of marks. Swiss linguist, Ferdinand de Saussure is considered to be the laminitis of semiotics and American philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, laminitis of semiologies ‘ ( Berger, 2011 ) . Any text can be analyzed and interpreted utilizing the marks to reveals encoded messages. Signs can be words, facial looks, gestures, organic structure linguistic communications etc. everything is used at a certain clip to bespeak a particular significance which is made contextually. The reading of these marks may ensue otherwise based on the research worker, because a mark is interpreted through conventional significances. Saussure negotiations about a form that is made up of sounds or images and whatever concept these sounds or images indicate is called the sense ( Berger, 2011 ) . C S Peirce negotiations about icon, index and symbol. Gallic theoretician Roland Barthes gives the construct of Denotation and Connotation. Other constructs in semiologies that are used for analysis are Metonymy, Synecdoche and Intertextuality.

This thesis will do usage of the undermentioned constructs to make the analysis and reading:

Indication and Intension:

Indication is known as the first bed of the ‘literal ‘ significance of any text whereas intension is the 2nd bed or the implied significance. While indication is the physical description of the object or the text, intension trades with the cultural significance and associations that become a portion of the object or text over clip. Talking in Saussure ‘s footings, indication is the form and intension is the signified because indication gives the actual descriptive grounds when intension derives the concealed nonliteral significance or constructs ( Berger, 2011 ) .

Icon, Index and Symbol:

Peirce contributes three different sorts of marks that are icon, index and symbol. Icon is something that can be identified through resemblance. Meaning of a text is through direct resemblance here. An index is something that is related when the existent object is non seeable or out of sight but the significance inferred through something else. It deals with the cause and consequence relation. Symbol has and cultural significance. Meaning is made through something that is learnt conventionally. Merely a individual who is cognizant and has understood the cultural, conventional and contextual significance of the object can infer a definite significance of the text.


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