Mean Girls Analysis

Mean Girls Analysis

Lindsey Lohan is a well known actress who has appeared in several other teen films, therefore a lot of teenage girls would be persuaded to watch the film as they know of Lindsey Lohan. Looking at the three girls on the left the first thing I notice is their aggressive stature. from looking at the poster you can tell that they are the “mean girls”. The lagline underneath reads “watch your back” a lot of teenagers especially girls would be able to relate to that as its every common in school to get people betray you or have people talk about each other behind their backs.

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The colours used on the poster as well as on there costume are very feminin, this would appeal to teenage girls as the colour pink is very oftern associated with females. the girls are also dressed very sylish which again is something that teenage girls can relate to. On the left, we can see Lindsey Lohan, dressed differently to the other girls in full jeans, covering all her legs and a red shirt, she has a look of fear and confusion on her face which again is the opposite of the confident girls on the left.

Again teenage girls can relate to this a it is very common to feel a bit timid when there are girls wh are very loud and confident around. Lohan is separated from the “mean girls” the title of the movie. MEAN being in bold large font and GIRLS being in a smaller less threatening font, this would normally suggest anger and violence, however by using feminin colours it makes it seem more innocent. Overall i believe that especially teenage girls would be attracted to watching this film as just from the poster you can tell that there are going to be a lot of every day issues that we can relate to.


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