Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

Ladies and Gentlemen: Good evening! I’m so honored to stand here to deliver my speech. The topic of my speech is mothers’ love. Mother, the woman walks around us everyday, have you think of her love? Have you consider the sacrifice she has made? Today, I’d like to let us know this at all. Love is like the warm rain in spring. It makes all the seeds break out of the earth which covered them and grow up strong. Love is also like the sunshine in winter; it makes us feel warm.

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In my heart, mothers are the rains that bring us up. Mothers are the sunshine who makes us feel warm. Since we came into this world, our mothers have looked after us carefully and protected us from any danger or harm. Mothers have dedicated a lot to us. As we growing up, mothers’ hair has turned to white. They use their hard work to exchange for our happiness and good health. What they finally get is only greet from us far away from home, and they will become satisfied.

Mothers won’t make any requirement to us; they just hope we can have a peace life. They always denote a lot, but never ask for any return. I love my mother; she is the holiest goddess in my heart. Though I can’t bring her youth back, I will try my best to make her happy. We are students now. We can’t share the hardship of our family at present, but we can get the best scale in our study. I think it’s the best gift for her. Mum, I want to say” I love you


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