Sporting Events

Sporting Events

As the sporting events are becoming popular worldwide, a high competition among the countries to host such events has been noted. This clearly hints us of the benefits a country can get by hosting international sporting events. A country can boost its economy through the rise of trade and advertisement during such sporting events. In the meantime, the country gets an opportunity to display its culture and hospitality to the world which, in turn, will boost its tourism industry.

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However, the host countries face different hurdles to successfully accomplish such events. The chances of spread of disease like HIV and other pandemics; difficulty in the management of crowds and various other problems are noticeable at such occasions. The host country can establish its identity as a well-off and civilized nation by accomplishing the sporting events successfully. The people from all over the world judge how well the country manages such events. The country can lure such people through its competency.

The host country of ‘Olympic Games’ of 2008, China, is a good example. Everyone was looking over China with doubts and suspicions, but China left them in amazement with its superb hosting of the most prestigious sporting event, The Olympics. China not only became a great success in hosting the event but also succeeded in changing the mentality of the people worldwide about China. In addition to this, a country can become economically stronger by hosting such events. First of all, the local people get employment easily and hence they are benefitted.

Secondly, the people in large number flock to such countries from across the globe and they not only watch the sports but also go on a visit of various places of natural, cultural and historical importance within the host country. The spectators of such events are mostly the privileged and aristocratic ones and they spend a lot of money in accommodations, tours and entertainment. This in turn uplifts the tourism and related sectors such as art and craft of the country. It also increases the internal trade of the country. Eventually, the revenue of the country increases making the country economically strong.

The culture of the host country gets recognition all over the world from such events. Since many spectators go on the visit of various places, they collect information about the culture and life styles of the people. The country also advertises its important cultural practices and these practices become a fashion during and after such events. By contrast, the country has to be cautious and well prepared to control and manage the crowds. Since people become too emotional at such events they may go out of control in the celebration of victory or in the grief of the defeat of their favoured team.

Recently, Nepal had hosted ICC Cricket tournament for the teams of Division 5. The countries in Division 5 were competing to get promoted to division 4. In the meantime, Nepal and the USA were playing against each other and the Nepali team was in the verge of losing the match. The Nepali audience who were expecting victory got angry and started hurling stones at the players which halted the match for half an hour due to the uncontrolled situation. This event damaged the trust and reputation of Nepal as a good host country of cricket.

Furthermore, there are chances of spread of diseases during such events. The people from various country and culture attend such events. They may transmit various diseases like HIV AIDS to the people of host country. In conclusion, hosting an international sporting event is a matter of pride to the host country if it has the capacity to conclude these events successfully. However, if it lacks the capacity to organise these events it would be more problematic than beneficial. Therefore, various possible consequences of the events should be bore in mind by a country before hosting any sporting events.


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