Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Labor of Love * The problem with the “Labor of Love” advertisement is that it doesn’t relate to the lifestyle of the target market – which is characterized by youthfulness, rebellion, and and adventure. The concept childbirth is foreign and uninteresting to the people that make up this market. This will fail to engage them, as it is something they don’t necessarily want to think about. Ultimately, the idea of this advertisement will miss the targeted segment. Cheetah * The “Cheetah” ad makes the most sense out of all of the options.

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If designed and executed correctly, it will be engaging, entertaining, and effective. The most important thing to take into account when producing the ad is to make it unpredictable. Let the Cheetah run for a long time in order to build up suspense, and let it come together as a Mountain Dew ad only after people are in awe with watching the Cheetah run. Also, when the dude pulls the can out of the Cheetah, it has to be done in a manner which isn’t gross or too graphic for people to watch. This is a fantastic idea for an ad. Dew or Die * This is a good pitch, but there is just too much going on.

We want Mountain Dew to be associated with the extreme action going on in the commercial, but it’s possible that there could be too much action going on, and it could detract from the recognition of the Mountain Dew name. Our target market is into this type of action, but the idea that there is a storyline for the watchers to follow is not a great idea. Mock Opera * This is an effective pitch. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the definition of a timeless hit. Although it was released by Queen decades ago, it is constantly recreated in popular media today, and is still all across the radio.

The reason for this is that it is a catchy song, and this is why it will be the right song for a successful jingle. It will be easy for people to associate this song with Mountain Dew. This can be most effective for reaching some consumers outside of the target market as well. Showstopper * This concept is a little too old fashioned for the market we want to hit. It should be changed to something more extreme or humorous. This pitch will not relate to the target market, or the direction that Moutain Dew wants to go in, at all.


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