Natalie Acciani And Country Music Lyrics English Literature Essay

Natalie Acciani And Country Music Lyrics English Literature Essay

Country music vocals by and large have similar subjects ; love, treachery, decease, imbibing, church/ faith, and current events. Some recent state vocals have been written about adult females and their strength without work forces. The vocal authors for state music normally have the ability to turn any state of affairs that person is in into a vocal. Many of the vocals are really realistic and based on existent life scenarios ; some authors even use their ain yesteryear and present issues or those that the full state is covering with ( Candelaria and Kingman ) .

State vocals being written about current events started every bit early as 1951 and continued every bit late as 2001. In 1951 Gene Autry wrote a state vocal about General Douglas MacArthur ‘s address to congress a few short hours after the address was given. Fifty old ages subsequently, in 2001, Alan Jackson kept the tradition of establishing vocals off of current events when he wrote “ Where Were You ” . Alan Jackson ‘s vocal was based on the terrorist onslaughts that happened on September 11, 2001 ( Candelaria and Kingman ) .

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Patsy Cline ‘s vocal “ I ‘m Blue Again ” is a great illustration of the manner state music vocals are based on love, solitariness and grief. The wordss tell a short narrative in which Pasty is sad and lonely because a adult male has left her. At first she says that she is sad, or “ bluish ” , because her love has left her. She so explains that he now loves person else and it causes her to experience lonely. Pasty ends the vocal stating that her “ bosom is filled with cryings ” and she is believing about the “ otiose old ages ” ( Candelaria and Kingman ) . The narrative told in this vocal is one that about any adult female can associate to, her lover left her for another adult female and now she is covering with her emotions. This is a state music subject that does non alter with clip.

Brad Paisley ‘s vocal “ Whiskey Lullaby ” is a great illustration of state music that is about solitariness and imbibing. The vocal is about a adult female who breaks a adult male ‘s bosom. He was so wounded by her that he drank intoxicant for old ages to bury her and finally he killed himself. The vocal describes the note that they find with his organic structure, “ With a note that said I ‘ll love her ’til I die ” . As the vocal continues it tells the narrative about the adult female who broke his bosom and how guilty she feels about aching him. The adult female in this vocal feels so atrocious and is so in love with the adult male who killed himself that she becomes an alcoholic and kills herself. This portion of the vocal describes how they find her organic structure, “ We found her with her face down in the pillow cleaving to his image for beloved life ” ( ) .

“ Gunpowder & A ; Lead ” by Miranda Lambert is another good illustration of a state vocal. This vocal shows the more recent subject to state music, adult females and their strength and independency without work forces. Miranda Lambert tells a narrative about a adult female whose hubby has hit her, has been imbibing and has been arrested. In the vocal right after she says that she can hear him drawing into the private road and she can hear gravel winging Miranda sings, “ I ‘m goin ‘ place, gon na lade my scattergun ; Wait by the door and light a coffin nail ; He wants a battle good now he ‘s got one ” ( ) . Here she is explicating that she is ready to stand up to her hubby and that she will non allow him ache her anymore.

There are even web sites that instruct people on how to compose a state vocal. The undermentioned stairss merely focus on the wordss behind state music, non the instruments or the music written to travel along with the wordss. These websites show that there are about five to seven stairss to composing a state vocal, depending on if the vocal author is seeking to compose a sad vocal or non. Step one is where the author explores their ain feelings and emotions, or the current events that are traveling on around them. In measure one the author needs to do certain that they are demoing the hurting, choler or solitariness they are experiencing. Step two is where the vocal author should cognize who they are composing the vocal for and cognize what type of narrative they would wish to hear. Besides the vocal author needs to do certain that their audience can place with the wordss, they need to be able to link the vocal with their ain mundane life. Hearers tend to listen to certain vocals depending on how they are experiencing, some vocals make a hearer happy when they are sad and some vocals they can associate to when they are experiencing down or angry. The following measure is to organize ideas and feelings into wordss and do certain that they put a “ hook ” or “ tricky chorus ” in between the wordss. After the author forms their wordss they want to do certain that every bit long as they are non composing a sad state vocal that they put some wit into the vocal, to do certain that their audience remembers it. After the author adds wit to their wordss they must do certain that they stick to one narrative, excessively much go oning in one vocal will lose the hearer ‘s involvement ; nevertheless the author needs to do certain to add item and description to the vocal to do certain that it has depth. Next the author needs to do certain that they take the clip to rewrite and hone the vocal. However last but non least, the concluding measure listed is to do certain that the author sings their vocal when they are experiencing depressed, lonely or broken hearted ( ) . These stairss, most significantly the last one, follow the general subjects behind state music.

Natalie Acciani is a great illustration of a state music singer/ vocal author. The show that I went to see was Natalie Acciani at Steel City Cafe in Phoenixville. Natalie was advertized on a local state music wireless station as a new up and coming state music creative person. Her public presentation, particularly her wordss follow the traditional subjects of state music. Natalie ‘s music was chiefly about love, grief and solitariness. Natalie ‘s wordss put a new, younger spin on the traditional state music subjects ; the love facet of these subjects day of the month back to imported and naturalized laies. Natalie ‘s spin on love narratives and events that happened to her shows that like many state music singer/ vocal authors she can associate to her audience.

Here are wordss from Natalie ‘s first and presently merely album, “ I Need The Rain ” is the first vocal on her album. The wordss tell a narrative about a relationship that she is in and is seeking to acquire out of and walk off from. “ You try to speak, I try to walk, you try to take my manus ; You pull me in, I pull off, cause you wo n’t understand ; I do n’t cognize why, I do n’t cognize why I merely ca n’t grok ; Why the agencies do n’t warrant the terminal ; I say we ‘re through, you say that ‘s all right cause you ca n’t populate like this ; Another grief I can add to my impressive list ; I do n’t cognize why, I do n’t cognize why I put myself through this ; Misery ‘s difficult to defy ” ( Acciani ) . These wordss are about grief and the difficult clip that she is holding with her relationship.

Another illustration of the manner Natalie ‘s powerful wordss fall into the state music class is with this vocal, “ Killing Me ” . “ Cause when you look at me and keep me tight ‘ You ‘re looking into person else ‘s eyes ; When you take my manus and draw me in ; I know you ‘re inquiring why she ‘s with him ; And I ca n’t stand being the one you ‘re looking through ; And it ‘s killing me, she ‘s the one violent death you ” ( Acciani ) . This vocal is about a relationship that she is in, and like so many other state vocals, her fellow is in love with person else. Here she is explicating that she can state when he looks at her he is believing of person else and that he is aching her merely every bit much as the individual he is truly in love with is aching him.

In “ Fairytale For A Day ” Natalie goes against the more current state music subject that adult females in state music are tilting towards. In this vocal, although she is speaking about love, other adult females in state music are composing about adult females ‘s independency from work forces and Natalie is non. Here she is inquiring for person to take her off, to supply an flight even if it is merely for one dark. “ Well if you can take me off, if you can take me to a different topographic point ; If you can assist me get away, oh ; Then we can dance until the Sun comes up and possibly even fall in love ; These are the words I wan na hear you say ; Give me a fairy tale for a twenty-four hours. I ‘m non inquiring for merrily of all time after ; I do n’t necessitate a land that is far, far off. I merely want a dark that ‘s filled with love and laughter ; I merely want a fairy tale for one twenty-four hours ” ( Acciani ) .

The last vocal that Natalie played was “ Jake ‘s Song ” this vocal was non about traditional current events but it was about an event that effected her. “ Jake ‘s Song ” is about a friend of Natalie ‘s who died at a immature age. “ Cause you had a light interior of you ; A light reflecting through ; A visible radiation you gave to everyone you knew ; And you stood up and dared ; To contend even though the battle ai n’t just ; Oh, but you gave it all you had until the terminal ; And now we carry on the battle for you, my friend. Cause you had a light interior of you ; And I bet it ‘s beautiful where you are ; And you ‘re doing all the angels smile ; You ‘ve got your wings and now you ‘re watching over us ; No more hurting, merely God ‘s ageless love. Well it makes sense that you ‘re in Heaven now ; Cause you were ever looking up ” ( Acciani ) . This vocal has the unhappiness of most state vocals and takes a personal experience of Natalie ‘s and turns it into a vocal that everyone can associate to.

Country music wordss are by and large about love, grief, solitariness and current events. Natalie Acciani pulls all of these subjects together in her wordss. Not merely are her wordss powerful but she puts her narratives into a context that all audiences can associate to, particularly those who enjoy listening to state music. These illustrations show that Natalie ‘s music, if merely by the wordss and subjects, is undoubtedly state music.


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