Notice and Agenda

Notice and Agenda

Notice A notice of meeting contains details of the meeting such as the date, time, place, purpose and general natural of the meeting. It is usually prepared by the secretary and circulated to the relevant people in advance. No notice require for public meeting and no common law state about that while notice of private meeting required given to every member who is entitled to attend and vote in the meeting. Every organization would need to set out in its rules such requirements that must be complied with precisely with regards to proving proper notice of meeting.

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If the notice of requirement failure to fulfill as specified according to rules of organization or relevant statutory provisions, the meetings and its proceedings may be subject to the risk of being declared invalid by court if the validity of the meeting or any of its proceedings were to be legally challenged. For example, annual general meeting of private company must prepare the notice according to its company article association if the rules no specify thus subject to Companies Act 1965. Agenda

An agenda is a list that is to be discussed in a meeting. It is usually prepared by the secretary after consulting the chairperson on the items to be covered in the meeting. The agenda must be focused towards the purpose of meeting. Although it is not compulsory to prepare an agenda according to common law and Companies Act but the agenda may required stated in articles of association or constitution of particularly body. Usually public meeting is not required to prepare an agenda and distributed to members who are presented.

Private meeting may require preparing an agenda and distributed to members who are entitled to attend and vote. Private meeting may affect each member economic benefit thus the meeting must convene on track and focused on the issues to be considered and discussed. Right of admission The public are invited to attend a public meeting with method of expressly or tacitly to convene a public meeting. The admission of public may be only by ticket or otherwise or may be free. For example, public are invited for a political meeting with admitted by free for attended the meeting and air heir opinion. The admission of private meeting is limited to person entitled to attend either by right of membership or individual invitation or both. For example, only shareholders are entitled to attend and vote at the extraordinary general meeting of public company. Members of the public are not normally admitted to private meetings and if they are permitted to be present they are regarded as spectators and are not allowed to participate in any way in the transaction of business.


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