James Fallows

James Fallows

James Fallows, “Throwing Like a Girl,” p. 63 1. He described their outfits because their pictures were posted in a lot of newspapers. In the pictures they didn’t look too bad, what the author was mostly concerned is that they both threw the ball “like a girl”. I think the author would expect them to dress different for a big ceremony like that so it may also be one of the reasons why he described their outfits. 2.

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I think Fallows stereotypes the people that do something “like a girl” because to him and to other groups it means to do something wrong. It’s an assault against women, because people would start to think that women are valueless and have no skills, which is not true. There are women that do some things better then men and when they see men to something wrong they don’t say he did it “like a boy”. 3. Fallows tells us that he understands the pain because he belongs to some of the groups that are being stereotyped.

He is not ashamed of who he is and the way he does some things. People do things differently and we should respect everyone just the way they are. 4. His purpose of writing this essay is to tell his audience that people are not born perfect. Everyone would expect the Clintons to throw the ball professionally, but its not their talent to do so. Different activities can be learned by anyone male or female. No one starts out knowing how to throw a ball, everyone has to learn. 5.

Fallows explains to us that some people “throw like a girl” because they just haven’t learned to do it properly. Not everyone have been born with a talent to throw a baseball like a professional, its one of the things that need to be taught to a person. 6. In my opinion I think he admits that this phrase is offensive because he explains that its really offensive especially for the women, knowing that women can do things as well as men can do them. The only thing it takes is practice, which everyone needs in order to get good at something.


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