“Prepare for the Worst, Expect for the Best”

“Prepare for the Worst, Expect for the Best”

“Prepare for the worst, expect for the best” Some of the biggest names in the military and the civil world live by this quote, naive are the ones that come to this world expecting that everything is going to be fine, that things will just happen or opportunities will just present then self when the time is right, some of this people may be waiting for an opportunity for the rest of their life, leaders all over the world have the same philosophy you can never be prepare enough , be realistic , things go wrong all the time , what makes a difference is how prepare you are and how realistic you are about the situation.

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I remember like it was yesterday, 8th grade , Mrs.. Welch my Math teacher had schedule a test, 1/3 of the grade for grade for the hole quarter, i already knew half of the subject, but i really didn’t want to study, i just hope that the half that i knew would be enough for me to pass the test, i wasn’t prepare , i was optimistic, naive in a way of thinking that everything would just work out and i would pass, i payed a high price , i only not just fail that test but i fail her class and i spend my summer learning a lesson that being realistic and prepare for the worst is better than being unprepared and hope for the best.

The Best example that being realistic is the best option is the security of this nation , the combat against drug cartels, terrorism, this country spends billions and billions of dollars in preparing with Intel, because the optimism that nobody else in the world would ever try to hurt us already cost us 10. 000 lives back in september 11 , 2001, now the government prepare this nation for any situation always hopping that it doesn’t happen be being realistic that it could.

A famous chinese general once said “ because of a bad horse shoe the horse couldn’t deliver the message in time, because a message wasn’t deliver in time , the Captan lost a battle, because the captan lost a battle the nation lost a war and its freedom “. The moral of the story, not always things work out for the best , be prepare for the worst know when to move to a different strategy to accomplish your goal, its great to be optimistic and hope for the best , but you need to have the mentality to be realistic that things not always go according to the plan.


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