Sports and Relationships

Sports and Relationships

Hi all, I have been anxiously waiting for the G. L. A. M website to be published. G. L. A. M -girls living about magnificent is a select group of girls that fit into and live up to, high expectations. It’s not about where you come from, where you are, but where you’re going! On that journey, G. L. A. M exhibits drive, determination, zeal, and makes sacrifices to achieve goals above all odds; above what society considers magnificent. G. L. A. M has created a lifestyle for the elite.

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The lifestyle not only taps into the way you physically look, but how you carry yourself, how you socialize, how you feel about your womanhood, relationships, and how to make fashion into your own design. One area of conversation that will be featured by G. L. A. M is relating, understanding, and speaking, to your husband, boyfriend, or “just-friends” friend, through-yes I’m going to say it-SPORTS! I’m not going to blab on and on about it because I too have to learn! But, Denise Y. Wynn, a truly accomplished ‘I am G. L. A. M. ’, will tell us over the next few months all we need to know! Enjoy!

Sports & Relationships (The 2 Go Hand-in-Hand) I know, I know. You are wondering why sports are important in relationships. In every relationship, you must be able to communicate. In order to communicate successfully, you must be able to talk about things that you are not always comfortable with. Most men enjoy watching or participating in sports. Whether they are playing them or living vicariously through others, they follow teams, players, and different leagues. Sports can be celebrated or lamented in many languages and countries. It’s universal. Why shouldn’t women get to understand some of the same things that men love?

I understand that it may not be something you like or comprehend, but men do a lot of things that they dislike for their significant other. They watch movies, go out on dates with people they don’t know or like, or sit at family or friend functions wishing they were someone else. But they sacrifice because they love their woman. We should be able to do the same. I am not saying you want to understand sports so that you and him can hang out all of the time. But if he does want you to go to game, you can at least understand what’s going on. Take that opportunity to allow him to explain the game.

Don’t just listen to what he says, hear and comprehend what is being said. Try to retain it so that the next time you are watching a game, you can grasp what is going on. There are not many things going on that are positive in the world. However, sports are always flourishing. Hey, you never know, one day you may get the proposal of your life at his favorite sporting event. If he thinks enough of you to bring you around in “Men Territory”, then that is definitely a plus!!! A few topics I plan to discuss: Why Women Should Learn Sports 1. Better Communication within the Relationship . Understanding the Importance of Sports and Big Rival Games 3. Catching your man in lies 4. Vacationing and Sports: Something for Everyone 5. The Importance of Allowing your Man to Go Hang with The Boys About the Author: Denise Y. Wynn is a proud alumnus of North Carolina Central University. (Eagle Pride Amplified! ) She is an avid sports fan. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, you name it. She aspires to teach on the college level or become an Athletic Director one day. She resides currently in Morrisville, NC and watches ESPN every morning to start her day!!! (


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