Studying The Life Of Alice Kingsleigh English Literature Essay

Studying The Life Of Alice Kingsleigh English Literature Essay

Now experiencing trapped in a universe of proper etiquette for one such as herself, Alice is taken to a garden party, where it is hoped that she will accept a matrimony proposal from Hamish ( Leo Bill ) , the boy of one of her male parent ‘s concern spouses. However, Alice shortly grows distracted seeing a coney with a vest nearby, and hastes after the unusual animal.

Following it, she finds her manner to the bole of an old tree some ways off, and falls down a hole. The hole leads her to a unusual room, of which she finds a cardinal, every bit good as a drink that makes her smaller, and a bar that increases her size. After acquiring the key and shriveling down to utilize a little door, she shortly finds herself in an tremendous garden country.

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Soon after, she comes across the White Rabbit ( Michael Sheen ) , every bit good as the Dormouse ( Barbara Windsor ) , a Dodo bird ( Michael Gough ) , and the Tweedles ( Matt Lucas ) . The White Rabbit explains that is certain he has found the right Alice this clip, while the Dormouse believes he is mistaken. Alice explains that her name is Alice, but feels they are looking for another “ Alice. ” They take her to Abosolom the Caterpillar ( Alan Rickman ) , who consults a coil, which contains inside informations sing the history of Wonderland, from it ‘s birth forth. The coil claims that on the Frabjous Day, Alice will return to murder the Jabberwocky. Alice sees this, and diamonds that she is non the individual in the coil, when a disturbance breaks out, and the Knave of Hearts ( Crispin Glover ) appears, along with some red-carded soldiers and a animal called a Bandersnatch. Everyone spreads, as the Knave takes the coil, and captures the Dodo bird. Alice, when confronted with the Bandersnatch, stands her land, convinced that it is merely a dream. However, the animal scratches her, and Alice takes off running, but non before the Dormouse plucks out one of the animal ‘s eyes.

Some ways off, Alice encounters the Tweedles once more, who attempt to assist her, but are shortly captured by a elephantine bird that takes them to the Red Queen ‘s palace. At the palace, the Knave of Hearts informs the Red Queen ( Helena Bonham Carter ) about the coil, and the prognostication of Alice killing the Jabberwocky ( of which she possesses ) . The Red Queen orders Alice to be found, and the Knave utilizes a sleuthhound named Bayard ( Timothy Spall ) to track her down, assuring freedom for Bayard ‘s married woman and whelps ( a prevarication, meant as a manner to acquire the Canis familiaris to assist the Red Queen ) .

Meanwhile, Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat ( Stephen Fry ) , who leads her to the Mad Hatter ‘s topographic point, where she encounters the Dormouse once more, every bit good as the March Hare ( Paul Whitehouse ) . The Mad Hatter ( Johnny Depp ) is pleased to see Alice, and is in ecstasy over the coming Frabjous twenty-four hours in which she will murder the Jabberwocky. Alice once more insists she is non ‘that Alice, ‘ when the Knave of Hearts and Bayard stopping point in. The Hatter material Alice into a teapot, to conceal her from the Knave. In secret, the Dormouse scolds the Canis familiaris for conveying the Knave there, but Bayard explains why he came. He so attempts to take the Knave off in a different way.

After they have left, the Hatter walks Alice through the nearby forests, where they come across the burnt ruins of a little small town. The Hatter so explains to Alice about how in the clip she was gone, the Red Queen has taken over Wonderland, ostracizing the White Queen ( Anne Hathaway ) to her ain sphere, and taking her vorpal blade.

As they talk, the Knave once more attacks, and the Hatter topographic points Alice on his chapeau, and cracks it across a river, giving himself up to the Knave, who takes him to the Red Queen. Later on, Bayard finds the chapeau and Alice. Alice manages to convert Bayard to take her to the Red Queen ‘s palace, to deliver the Hatter. Along with the chapeau, they find their manner at that place, where Alice encounters the White Rabbit helping with a game of croquet with the Red Queen. Alice petitions to be made larger ( she is still the size of a gerbil ) , and the coney gives her a bar. However, she eats excessively much and ends up about 10 pess tall, interrupting the croquet game. The Queen does non acknowledge Alice, who says she is ‘Um ‘ from Umbridge, and wants to assist the Queen. The Queen, impressed by the size of Alice ‘s caput, declares her to be made portion of her royal tribunal.

The Hatter is brought before the Queen and Alice, and is at foremost intended to be beheaded. However, the Hatter manages to procrastinate for clip, by bespeaking that he do the Queen a chapeau for her tremendous caput. Flattered by the attending, she gives into this petition. Alice shortly after discoveries out that the vorpal blade is on the evidences of the palace, but is locked off in a thorax in the quarters of the Bandersnatch. After securing the plucked oculus from the Dormouse ( who has broken into the palace to liberate the Hatter ) , Alice manages to return the oculus to the animal. This allows her to derive entree to the blade. Alice goes to the Hatter ‘s room, and finds the Dormouse there. However, the Knave of Hearts shows up shortly, and when the Dormouse lets slip Alice ‘s true name, he attempts to kill her. Alice manages to get away into the courtyard, where the Bandersnatch helps her flight from the palace. Bayard besides accompanies her, as they head for the White Queen ‘s palace.

The Red Queen so orders that the Hatter and the Dormouse be executed the following twenty-four hours. However, the Cheshire Cat uses his hocus-pocus to take on the pretense of the Hatter, and allows the Hatter, Dormouse, the White Rabbit, the Tweedles, and Bayard ‘s household to get away. They all shortly run into up at the White Queen ‘s palace, where the Queen has used her potions knowledge to shrivel Alice to normal size.

The following twenty-four hours so dawns… the Frabjous twenty-four hours. Almost everyone is willing to take up weaponries for the White Queen. However, she hopes that Alice will carry through the prognostication, but Alice rushes off to the Queen ‘s garden, still upset over everyone forcing her into this undertaking. It is at that place she encounters Absolom, cocooning himself. It is here that Absolom explains to Alice how she had been to Wonderland before, and all of a sudden, it all comes back to her, that what she thought originally was a dream was existent. After her disclosure, Alice dons the armour prepared for her by the White Queen, and takes up the vorpal blade.

Both the White Queen and the Red Queen meet on a checkerboard field. Both Queens meet foremost, with the White Queen inquiring her sister to non make conflict, but the Red Queen refuses to give into the mollification of her sister ‘s supplication. The White Queen brings forth Alice as their ‘champion, ‘ as the Red Queen ‘ biddings the Jabberwocky. As Alice faces off with the animal, the remainder of the ground forcess go to war. Alice plays a mind-game with herself, speaking of 6 impossible things, as it is claimed her male parent would make before breakfast. In her mind-game, she manages to happen the strength to murder the Jabberwocky. The Red Queen demands that her topics kill Alice, but as the White Queen ‘s title-holder has slayed that of the Red Queen, the Red Queen ‘s topics will no longer follow her bids.

The White Queen orders the Red Queen banished to the Outlands, for the offenses that she has committed ( due to the White Queen ‘s vow non to harm a life animal, she will non kill her sister ) , with noone to offer her understanding. The Knave of Hearts is besides chained to her, every bit penalty as good. However, the idea of being alone with the Queen causes him to seek to kill her, before his sticker is taken from him by the Hatter.

After the Red Queen and the Knave are taken off, the White Queen ‘s ground forces rejoices, with the Hatter making a Fudderwupping dance, much to the delectation of everyone. The White Queen so collects some of the Jabberwocky ‘s blood, and gives it to Alice. The blood of the Jabberwocky allows Alice to return to her universe, and she returns to the Garden Party.

Alice so explains to Hamish that she can non accept his proposal, every bit good as speaks her head to a figure of different relations and familiarities. Her blunt attitude catches the oculus of Hamish ‘s male parent, and shortly, the two discuss programs to spread out the transportation paths to China, a land that has non yet been opened to the West.

Alice is so made an learner to the company, and sets off with a crew to open the transporting path to China, aboard a ship titled “ Wonder ” . The last thing shown is a bright blue butterfly, none other than Abosolom.


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