The Most Important Person in Life

The Most Important Person in Life

The Most Important Person in My Life Sometimes choosing the most important person in your life can be difficult. Some people may not have a person to look up to, but some may have several. As for me in my life, I was blessed with many. I was given two amazing parents who are the most important people in my life. My father is a very inspiring person. He lived in Mexico most of his childhood and was raised in poverty. Therefore, when he moved to the United States his desire to succeed was his main priority.

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He has developed exceptional leadership skills that have advanced him to managerial roles in his career. Along with his work ethic and desire to succeed, my father is also a very sweet and meek man. He has always been an ethically sound and respectful person, and rarely speaks out of term. I admire my father for these traits which makes me want to inherit them as I get older. My father is the type of man you hear about in fairytales. He’s provided my family and me with everything we’ve always wanted.

He has worked very hard in his life to give us the home we have always dreamt about. Also, he has given my siblings and me a car as soon as we reached the age of sixteen. However, he’s given us the responsibility to pay for our insurance and part of our car payment. This will teach us how to have responsibilities for later in life. My father is the kind of man I hope to find one day in a husband. My mother is a very special woman who brought me into this world. She has raised me to stand up for what I believe in.

She has been through several hardships in her life which has caused her to be the woman she is today. Therefore, she taught us how to always smile when things get rough. She is also a very loving and caring mother that I admire deeply. She has always watched out for her children and put her family first. When I look at my mom I know I want to be just like her when I grow up. My mother is also a very hard working woman. She has worked in a successful business for over twenty years. She has also provided our family with everything we’ve always wanted.

Anytime we want something new we can just go to mom. She has taught me how to be a strong woman and to never give up in life. I hope someday to be the type of woman my mother is. In conclusion, I was blessed with several people to look up to. However, two of the most important are my parents. Without them I would not be the person I am today. My parents mean the world to me, and I am very thankful that I still have them in my life. I hope I can live and conduct myself in a manner of God that my parents will be proud of.


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