What Went Wrong in Mcdonalds Argentina.

What Went Wrong in Mcdonalds Argentina.

While not all crises can be foreseen, let alone prevented, all of them can be managed far more effectively if we understand and practice the best of what is humanly possible. (Ian Mitroff, Gus Anagnos: ” Managing crises before they happen”) 1. What went wrong? As we can see from the text of the case the several things went wrong in McDonalds Argentina. 1. First of all there were a lot of accidents of people compliance on the company’s food. It was quite usual for the call-center of Arcos Dorados to receive the customer calls concerning the bad state of health after eating something in McDonalds. . Indeed there was a special procedure of treating those clienteles in order to calm them and satisfy. But seems like it was very standard and therefore pretty vulnerable. When Jorge Roel appealed to customer-center, they asked him special questions, gave some directions and told that the company will call him back in max 5 days. Probably they didn’t call or didn’t give him an appropriate answer. Because, as it was written in the case, Jorge Roel regularly called to Arcos Dorados and asked the same question: “What are you going to do to me? We Assume he wanted to get some money compensation, but the company couldn’t provide him with such recompense. 3. The company didn’t cooperate with mass-media. When the crisis occurred, all reporters were interested in business of McDonald Company exposed to danger by harmful bacteria. And McDonald Argentina executives tried to not cooperate with the journalists because they didn’t want to approve their crisis situation. In other words they wanted to make their emergency invisible.

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That was a huge mistake because the cooperation with mass-media is a perfect source of customers trust or distrust and apprehensions. 4. They relayed on the honesties of the governmental laboratory analysis, as we can see it was totally wrong. The governmental analysis was showing that they had the problems with hygiene, while the McDonalds laboratories manifested completely controversial information. However McDonalds Company didn’t resort for the help of independent experts. As a result the executives started to suspect the government instead of acting along with the real problematic facts. . Four McDonald stores switched off all their lights and tried to be as less visible as it was possible in order to not attract the attention for McDonald’s name, what to our opinion, was the factual confirmation of acceptances of guilt. Even though company executives knew that the health inspectors didn’t have a warrant on such an action. Arcos Dorados could at least make apologizes, but they didn’t. They just waited believing that the famous brand will rescue them from disaster. That was wrong assumption.


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