Wish You Well Character List

Wish You Well Character List

Lou-12 year old girl that looses her father, he was killed, and her mother is in a comatose state. She is strong-willed, tough, and a little arrogent, quick to take offense, and very thoughtful and openly critical. She is caring and willing to make sacrifices for those around her. Oz – Lou’s younger brother. Oz is 7 years old, and is very attached to his mother. Eternally optimistic, this character is always very innocent, radiant, and joyful, although easily frightened. Still, he is willing to stand up for those he loves, as he proves in the final court case.

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Amanda Cardinal – the mother of Lou and Oz, she is very protective of her children, and makes a great sacrifice for them when she uses her own body as a shield during the fateful accident. Jack Cardinal – the father of Lou and Oz, he also tries to do what is best for his family. Always in need of money, he decides to move to California with promises of higher wages. However, that plan is thwarted when he is killed in an accident. He is seen as grim and determined, much like his daughter, yet also possesses inner kindness.

Louisa Mae Cardinal – the great-grandmother of Lou and Oz. She is very hardy both physically and mentally , willing to stand up for herself no matter what the opponent, and acts as caretaker of the children. She is demanding, in return gives all that anyone could want. She has an almost endless source of wisdom, and advises the children in many predicaments. Eugene Randall – Louisa’s right hand man. He is the main workforce on the farm. Originally as a mysterious, almost freaky person who never speaks, he turns out to be very considerate and focused, always on task and helpful.

Diamond – Lou and Oz’s best friend, Who often takes them on various adventures. He is fun-loving and brave, unafraid of anything. George Davis – the main antagonist of the story. He is considered a wealthy farmer, affording to have servants in the field and machines. However, he is ruthless, and uncaring, starving his own children and wife. Billy Davis – the son of George Davis. He is portrayed as an enemy, but he gradually comes to an understanding with Lou and even stands up for them some. Cotton Longfellow – a caring lawyer from Boston.


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