Football Changed My Life

Football Changed My Life

Shawn Rogers September 28, 2010 Event That Changed My Life Essay When my coach told me I could play college football, I started trying hard in my school work and in life. My dream is to be the starting tackle for a college football team and to obtain a degree in criminal justice. Before my coach told me I could play college football I had no aspirations in life. Through my experience with football, I learned that to achieve what I want in life, I have to work hard. During my freshmen year, I didn’t know what I wanted to be in life and had no aspirations in life.

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I wasn’t passing my classes in school. Football was the only reason that I went to school my freshmen year. During football my freshmen year, I had to quit football with three weeks left in the schedule because I was failing my classes. I barely passed my first year of High School. During my sophomore year, I got bigger and taller. One day after football practice my coach took me into his office and told me that I had the potential to play college football and that I needed to try harder in my school work if I wanted to have any chance of getting a scholarship. I took what my coach told me to heart.

During my sophomore year, I got more confident that I would have a chance to play college football. During my junior and senior years, I began receiving much attention from college scouts. The best part about being scouted by colleges is that I got free tickets to games. Many of football coaches were interested in me because of my size and skills, but since I had a low G. P. A, I was ineligible to go to their schools. Since I had a low G. P. A, I accepted a scholarship to Highland Community College my senior year; at community college, I could play football and raise my G. P. A so I could transfer to a four’ year university in two years.

I am attending National American University so I can raise my G. P. A and live closer to home. I left Highland because I didn’t want to use a year of eligibility by playing football at highland and want to save that year of eligibility for a four year college. I know my dream has not yet been achieved, but I know if I work hard this semester I will have a high enough G. P. A to transfer to a four year college. Once at School I will be able to live my dream of becoming a college football player and can begin to earn my degree in Criminal Justice. I know all I can do is keep on working hard, and someday my dream will come true.


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