How to Read Literature Like a Professor

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

How To Read Literature Like A Professor Introduction: Memory, symbol, and pattern all affect literature in different ways. When reading literature, it’s a wonderful asset to have a good memory and use that whenever you can. If you remember something you read from a novel two months ago and then apply that knowledge to an essay, your writing style and essay will improve greatly with such great examples.

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Symbol affects the way you read literature because when you recognize something symbolic like a certain person, place, or thing and compare that to something more complex like idea, emotion, or situation, it creates a whole new perspective on what that thing truly means and how it can be defined more than once on different levels. Pattern affects the way you read literature because when you experience something or read it when you see that same thing again or feel the same two things that are similar, you’ll notice a pattern beginning to form.

When you recognize patterns in literature reading and understanding the conflicts will become easier to comprehend, because you’ve seen them before. I appreciated literature a lot more when I read the notebook, it’s not a classic but the metaphors, references, and symbolism were all amazing in that book. I remember a specific part when he was comparing her eyes to beautiful, rare gems. Ch. 1 I used the scarlet letter as an example 1. Our Quester A young woman, had a baby with another man, cheated, she is 2. A place to go 3. A stated reason to go there 4. Challenges and trials 5. The real reason to go


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