Team Reflection

Team Reflection

Team Reflection In working as a team, issues and opportunities regularly arise. Our team started off very rocky, and a misunderstanding during team communication almost derailed the work the team needed to complete. Trust was diminished almost immediately. A team’s effectiveness relies heavily on a balance between clearly established goals and clear communication. Accomplishments

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In preparing our first three assignments, our team was able to quickly determine a suggested guideline for who would be responsible for certain contributions and offered suggestions on when these contributions should be posted for compilation, editing, and team reviews. After the first assignment, one team member became a team leader, striving to keep the team focused and on track.

As a team, we have diligently completed our research on the topics assigned and contributed according to the instructions of the assignment, providing appropriate citations and references. By week three, we have reached an understanding on team expectations, what is considered to be effective communication within our group, and leadership. Opportunities for Improvement

As a team, we found that appropriate communication is imperative for success, but we can continue to improve our efforts by checking in more often and acknowledging when assignments are due, as well as letting others know if any issues have arisen that may delay ample time for team reviews. To have an effective and efficient process, our team has a responsibility in making a more diligent effort of keeping individual commitments to the deadlines allowing more time for compilation, edits, and peer reviews.

We also found that it is necessary for all team members to give their final comments on the assignments before the leader posts to the assignment folder to ensure a unanimous team approval. All contributions provide individual thoughts, but mesh together to reflect a group effort. In conclusion, these past three weeks have offered several areas in which we have worked well together, as well as allowed our team to acknowledge a few opportunities in which we can work towards improvement in finishing out the remaining weeks successfully.


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