Themes And Symbols Love And Family Relationship English Literature Essay

Themes And Symbols Love And Family Relationship English Literature Essay

Linda tries non to take the side of neither Biff nor Willy during the confrontation. This shows that she cares for the household and hops for the best “ agitate his manus “ . The relationship between Biff and Willy is acquiring worst as Biff confronts Willy with the job he faces and the issues in which Willy has been seeking to conceal or deny which is the part to Biff non going person better in life. The deepness of Biff ‘s emotion is shown when he starts shouting. These cryings are a symbol of Biff ‘s defeat but they do non mend the broken bond in the household as one would anticipate them to. Alternatively it pushes Willy to perpetrate self-destruction because he believes Biff will see him as a hero when he gets the insurance money

Abandonment and Betrayal

Willy ‘s male parent abandoned him and Ben while they were immature. Ben so abandons Willy by go forthing to happen his luck in the African jungle. This makes Willy closely associated with forsaking which makes him fearful of it, therefore his angry and about crazed reaction at Biff ‘s go forthing. This led to Willy desiring his household to conform to the American dream where people are successful in their callings and besides in their household lives.

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The American dream fundamentally embodies difficult work and honestness as the keys to success. However Willy firmly believes in his ain distorted version of the American Dream where, if one is sympathetic, personable and attractive physically and otherwise, one will merely be successful. This is particularly shown when Biff was younger and Willy barely payed attending to his faculty members, and called Bernard a swot. Ironically, although Biff was more popular when they were childs, it is now the swot that is wildly successful. Bing in an office does non do Biff happy. Although he has had to set up with Willy ‘s warped believing about what the American dream should be, he has eventually found his manner. The American Dream besides speaks to the chase of felicity. It is clear that Biff has, through his ain addled manner, realized the true kernel the American Dream and is seeking it. Biff ‘s dream is the right 1. Working in the out-of-doorss makes him happy. He would ne’er be happy working in an office or being a salesman or in fact populating Willy ‘s American Dream.

Truth, Deception and Lies

Throughout the full drama, the household has been deceived by Willy and he deceived by them. The full household is lead oning themselves, therefore the prevarications they keep stating each other and themselves. The household is populating a digest of prevarications and the web seems to be excessively tangled for them to halt. Biff is the lone 1 who chooses to non populate out Willy ‘s foibles any longer.

Dreams and Aspirations

Willy wants punch to be a success and a good like individual “ the American dream “ hence him being disappointed when Biff abandons his aspirations to make so. In chapter 14 it shows where Will thinks that Biff will be as successful and good liked as Bernard with his decease and his household acquiring the insurance money. Willy was willing to give up his ain life to guarantee that his boy gets the American and fulfill sit.

Appearance versus world

This subject is apparent when Willy refuses to recognize that he assist to lend to Biff going a failure and amounting to nil in life by non being a good male parent. Willy being delusional sees Ben who in eloquences him to perpetrate self-destruction. He believed that Ben was really at that place speaking to him.


Seeds: The seeds represent Willy ‘s last ditch effort to go forth something touchable. He has worked all his life and now seems to hold nil to go forth buttocks for his household. The seeds could besides stand for Willy ‘s deteriorating mental province. He is hanging on to his saneness by his finger tips and stealing. Willy is like a seed that has been planted but has no roots. There is no strength of character and he fails to recognize this even up to the point of his decease. When Willy withers, ( dies ) there will be nil left.

Diamonds: Diamonds refer to great wealth or prosperity. This symbol is particularly important in the last two scenes because it represents the ground that Willy uses to kill himself. That is pecuniary addition for Biff and his household. The fanciful Ben in the last two scenes supports reiterating that the jungle is dark but full of diamonds. This changeless chorus pushes Willy even closer to his death.

The Jungle: The wealth in that the diamonds that made Ben rich was found in the jungle and the wealth that Willy will go forth behind with his decease.

The Rubber Hose: This signifies the beginning of Willy ‘s self-destructive ideas and how he tried to kill himself. Willy is nevertheless in denial when it is being presented to him.


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