Ways to Look Younger Without Botox

Ways to Look Younger Without Botox

In today’s youth obsessed society, millions of women consider hitting the needle to cheat aging. However, if injecting what is literally a toxin on your face plus the lack of studies on long term effects concerns you, then cheat the injection that cheats aging with these tips to help you look young and fresh. Eyebrows- Never ever pluck or tweeze eyebrows. Use a slanted eyebrow shaver if you want to shape or groom your eyebrows instead. Too much plucking can lead to permanent eyebrow hairloss.

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Use a slanted eyebrow brush and brow powder to fill in and shape sparse looking brows. Thicker/fuller eyebrows make you look more youthful and less severe. It’s super trendy for this upcoming fall season too! Hair- Determine if you hair color and style is making you look older. It’s amazing how a change of hairstyle can take years off your face. Be sure to consult with a reputable salon or stylist. A simple hairstyle update such as bangs that suit your face shape can take years off your face.

Make-up- Avoid dark or metallic eyeshadows and dark lipcolor. Instead- use light shimmery formulations to play up the eyes (especially on the inner corners), conceal the dark parts of your face (undereyes, inner eyes, corners of the mouth, hollow below the lower lip, sides of the nose) Use a highlighter or luminizer to give you that subtle glow. A pink or peach blush and lipstick works best in making you look fresh and youthful. Skin- Now is the time to invest in a really good anti-aging regimen.

Reputable doctors recommend formulations with retinol or retinol derivatives since it is the only topical formulation that can stimulate collagen production. A sunblock with no less than spf15 is also needed to block of harmful UV rays that cause skin aging and darkening. Stress Management- Everyone encounters stress in their daily lives. You need to be able to deal with it effectively or else it will start taking its toll on your health and looks.

Try simple meditation exercises, power naps, a long luxurious soak in the tub or maybe a relaxing home service massage to soothe you after a hard day’s work. Smile- This is probably the least expensive tip for the day. Smiling not only makes you look younger since it lifts the muscles of the face, it also makes us look more attractive and confident to most people. It turns out smiling can also boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, release endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin thereby making you feel better plus it also relieves stress!


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